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This is me, Michelle. I'm Queen & Twinkie's mother and the one behind all the posting, the comments and the blog posts. Catspurelove started on Christmas day 2018 when my brother gave me  two beautiful kittens after l'd lost my Cavalier King.

The Sisters

Queen and Twinkie are two Italian sisters. They were found on the streets of Naples when they were only 3 weeks old. They were starving because their mother couldn't produce milk, they were very skinny and malnourished.

Fortunately two very good people decided to bring them to the vet, help them and after a few weeks I found them in a box, under my Christmas Tree!!



When Queen arrived to her new home she was very small, frightened and confused. She didn't get out of the box for 30 minutes. Only when her sister Twinkie calmed her down with some kisses, she decided to tour around the house. She immediately created a very special bond with me, she was sweet and wanted lots of cuddles. Today Queen is a very sweet and gentle cat, she always looks for cuddles and affection. Cuddles are her obsession.  



Since the beginning, Twinkie showed me that she was the brave one, exploring every room of the house. When Twinkie finished her first home tour, she went back to check on the sister and she showed her the way from that moment on! Today Twinkie is a very independent cat but she shows  her mommy love every day by sleeping with her and staying next to her while on the sofa resting.  Food is her obsession.